0 to 100 your fitness goals 100%

5 Simple steps to transform your body

Set the main goal,
do you want to lose fat
or gain muscle?

  • Have a goal in mind, the majority of new gym-goers don’t have a goal this makes it easy for you to slip up and fall off track.

  • Set a realistic time scale, remember Rome was not built in a day. 

Calculate your calorie/protein target

  • Use a TDEE calculator.

  • Or calculate calories by logging a food diary for 7 days, you then can calculate your DAILY average calories you then can adjust calories for your goal. e.g. 500 fewer calories for fat loss or 500 MORE calories to gain weight.

Step 3

Eat foods that you like

Time to say goodbye to the fad diets (Keto, juice, vegan, etc) and hello to calorie counting!

Calories determine weight change, not a magic diet or shake.

Track your meals using MyFitnessPal.

Step 4

Resistance training 3x a week

  • Resistance training is key for both fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Progressive overload.
  • NEAT – nonexercise activity thermogenesis, or in other words, be more active! (10k steps a day).

Step 5

Consistency is THE KEY

Muscle gain and fat loss can be a slow process it all depends on much work you put in. Consistency is the key to success, and this relates to anything in life.

Take monthly progress pictures. 

How to be consistent? Find exercises you enjoy and foods that you like to eat this makes whole the whole process more enjoyable.