Hey! I'm Ajay,

I’m a fully insured level 3 personal trainer/online coach with five years of experience in the fitness industry. I help busy People who work full-time to get shredded and build lean functional muscle, through resistance training and a flexible nutrition approach.

I’m not here to sell you quick fixes or fad diets; I’m here because I want to help you achieve your goals and help change your lifestyle. Drop me a DM or email and let’s get started! 

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

- Michael Jordan


This is my body  transformation. I was never genetically gifted when it came to muscle; I would describe myself as ‘skinny fat’. When I first joined the gym I was clueless about what do to; for the first year, I would focus so much on trying to gain muscle I purely lifted heavy ass weights five times a week and ate a load of shit. I actually don’t think I ever stretched after any workout and neglected mobility training. This resulted in gaining strength and mass; however, I was left feeling like a robot.

The moment I realised this was when I went to my first MMA session. Let’s not go into too much detail about that, but put it this way, I realised I had no functional muscle whatsoever. I knew my training and diet were to blame for this so I decided to fix the problem. This is when I started to to train in a functional way and started calculating my calories.  This was the best thing I could have ever done as not only was I able to achieve my dream physique, I gained confidence, improved mobility and flexibility 

 I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals. If I can achieve mine, what’s stopping you?