Top 4 Most Effective Workout Splits For Muscle Growth

The top 4 most effective workout split for muscle gain.

Does it matter what workout split you choose?

No, It actually doesn’t really matter.

Reality is a workout split is simply a tool you can use to manage YOUR individual training to help you stay consistent.

We all have different lifestyles, therefore picking a split will be different for everyone.

Things you need too consider when picking the best workout split:

  • What do you personally enjoy
  • what you can personally recover from
  • what fits your personal schedule
  • What keeps you personally engaged

Are their good and bad splits? yes, but once again it’s all down to the individual.

The top 4 workout split for muscle gain.

The picture above shows the best workout splits for muscle growth as each split targets your muscle groups at least twice a week. instead of the common “bro split” where you only train your muscle group once a week.

Pick a split that you can personally stick to.

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